DISCARD 2 is a story about three generations of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania American family from 1931 to 1965.

It's about their lives, loves and careers from their point of view living in another era, different from ours today.The story revolves around the life of John Linden, a Philadelphia cop on the beat and his son, Mark Linden, an ambitious young man who later becomes a prominent politician. Also, Mark's beautiful wife Gloria and their daughter, Susan Linden as a child then as a young woman, who falls in love. A story with gangsters included too.


"When you draw three of a kind and a couple of losers, you toss the losers in the discard pile."


However, Mark thinks each day is not a game of poker, with a discard pile; it is a game of life and life after death.







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What a wonderful book, brought me back to the old days in Philadelphia, I really enjoyed it!


"Discard 2" pulled me in from the beginning and held my interest throughout. I looked forward to picking it up and being immersed. The characters were all believable and unusual; the story suspenseful and full of surprises. I enjoyed immensely, good read!


A wonderful story taking place from the 1930s to the 1960s which covers family life, romance and politics in Philedelphia. It is the well-rounded characters that really breathe life into this story and keep you turning page after page. Good writing quality and strong emotional content make Discard 2 a worthwhile read.


A good story, a page turner, with very interesting characters and time period of 1930s to 1960s, so much of it rang true if you lived in the Philadelphia city or suburban neighborhoods in those years


A great story, one that's hard to put down. The characters are quite interesting and as you turn the page, you wonder whats going to happen next.


I enjoyed this novel very much, the historical time period was intriguing and fascinating.


A good story, one I could not put down. I really enjoyed this especially imagining the 1930s to 1960s as the history and characters are interesting.

DISCARD2 novel Lois Charles author